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Vocational Services 2023 

The Lighthouse, Inc., provides a full continuum of vocational services for residential and day programming clients. The services include a pre-vocational workshop, paid on-site enclave services, and community-based paid employment. In addition, the Lighthouse facilitates volunteer opportunities for residents who demonstrate an interest in working within a specific area, where paid employment is not readily available.

The Lighthouse provides educational support for completing job applications, resume writing, interviewing skills, and job coaching services.



Vocational Outcomes for 2023:

During 2023, 42% of residents worked the enclave program, 15% worked within the community, 8% participated in volunteering opportunities with local communities.


A new Recreational Center opened for more prevocational and vocational activities at the Caro location. The Traverse City location promoted employees to the vocational department as Workshop Director and Coordinator to enhance the prevocational and vocational programs.

When residents were asked if they felt the vocational program is helping them with their employment skills, 86% reported it was beneficial and enhances their life goals. It is also noted that 100% of community employers would recommend the Lighthouse.


Traverse City location had an additional volunteer site open, allowing for a resident to work for a local food pantry. Caro vocational program participated at two additional farmers markets from surrounding communities that allowed residents to sell crafts and merchandise.


Forty-eight residents worked in the Lighthouse supportive employment program during 2023.

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