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Vocational Services 2020 


The Lighthouse, Inc., provides a full continuum of vocational services for residential and day programming clients. The services include a pre-vocational workshop, Level I and Level II paid, on site enclave services, and community based paid employment. In addition, the Lighthouse facilitate volunteer opportunities for residents who demonstrate an interest in working within a specific area, where paid employment is not readily available.

The Lighthouse provides educational support for the completion of job applications, resume writing and interviewing skills, as well as job coaching services.

Sixty-nine residents worked in the Lighthouse supportive employment program during 2020

Vocational Outcomes for 2020:

During 2020, 62% of the clients who worked for the enclave program were in the Level I placement, while  33% advanced to the Level II status. 9% of the enclave participants were pediatric residents. In 2020, 4% of the clients who participated in the enclave were day programming clients. Outpatients participated in enclave at 2%.

Eighty-two percent of the clients who participated in the enclave program remained employed in the program for ≥ one year.

During the pandemic of 2020, a stay-at-home order by the governor and eliminated the resident's community vocational and volunteer opportunities.  The residents employed by the Lighthouse were given alternative opportunities to work at their building. Residents were accommodated with a wide range of job opportunities that included folding boxes for KW industries, sanding projects, cleaning vehicles in the parking lots of their buildings, making jewelry for donation for animal shelter and BIA, and sewing mask for staff,  assisting in putting way stock that was delivered to their buildings.  A large portion of the stay-at-home order, the weather was warm, and numerous outside jobs were created, including mowing lawns, weed-whipping, pulling weeds, cleaning and picking up the grounds, and arranging groups from the same building to clean therapy center.

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