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Respiratory Therapy

The Lighthouse can accommodate patients that require more specialized pulmonary treatments/monitoring. Having a respiratory therapists (RRT) on staff allows The Lighthouse to admit clients that are ventilator dependent. We are able to introduce Ventilator weaning sessions which allow the client to take breaks from the ventilator with close monitoring. This ventilator weaning program has been very successful in helping patients gain their independence  from mechanical ventilation.



These are some of the therapies/education we provide:


  • Nebulizer therapy

  • Metered Dose Inhaler therapy (MDI)

  • Acapella therapy

  • Positive Expiatory Pressure therapy (PEP)

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Cough assist

  • Percussion vest therapy

  • Trach care management

  • Sputum inductions

  • Patient Education

  • Nebulizer & metered dose inhaler use

  • PEP instruction

  • Inhaler spacer instruction

  • Peak flow monitoring instruction

  • COPD, asthma, and other lung diseases

  • Sleep disorders


The Lighthouse is excited to offer many other programs including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, vocational programs, social work, psychology services and much more! For a complete list of other programs that we provide click here

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