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Lighthouse is Proud to be Employee Owned


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What does that even mean?

Stands for: Employee Stock Ownership Plan

$ ESOP is a FREE retirement plan.


How can I increase my ESOP return?

$ Your ESOP will accrue shares over time and will be paid out when you leave the Lighthouse in accordance with the payout schedule contained in your Summary Plan Description.

$ The longer you work here, the more shares you have.

$ The more profitable the Lighthouse is, the more your shares are worth.

$Bring ideas to management on ways to cut costs or ways to improve efficiency.



How long before I start seeing returns?

$ After 1,000 hours of service with the Lighthouse you are enrolled.

$ This is an investment that grows over time and is new to the Lighthouse. Other ESOP companies have reported that they started seeing bigger gains after roughly 5 years in the program.



*Fun Fact:

$ A 1997 Washington State study showed that ESOP employees had 3x the retirement assets then comparable non-ESOP companies.

Detailed information about ESOP!

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E$OP Committee Members:

$Brant Wilson,

$Zoe Robinson,

$Jessica Stark,

$Jacquelyn Davis,

$Roxanne Groosbeck,

$Lisa Hodgkinson,

$Brenda Pomeroy,

$April Schultz,

$Laura Deemer,