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Satisfaction Survey Results 

Customer Satisfaction Results from Adult Residents for 2023

A Satisfaction Survey was distributed to adult residents. A total of 78 adult resident surveys were returned and completed. Residents are classified based on their diagnosis. The diagnosis classifications were Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), and Behavioral Health (BH). Questions addressed in the survey evaluate housing, personal care needs, medical, personal care assistance, and dietary.


In analyzing the data collected from this survey, the results were as follows:

When asked if clients liked the home they were living in, TBI was 91%, BH 90%, and SCI 50%, Other 100% responded favorably. Assistance provided by the staff was rated TBI 90%, BH 91%, and SCI 100 %.

Responses to survey items related to dietary quality indicated TBI 88%, BH 95%, and SCI 0% answered, Other 100% of the residents were satisfied with the nutritional component of the program.



Customer Satisfaction Results for Family or Responsible Party for 2023

The Lighthouse recognizes the importance of eliciting feedback from key stakeholders to determine program strengths and areas needing improvement.  An annual survey is distributed to stakeholders, and the results of this tool are analyzed for trends and performance improvement opportunities by the management team. 

Although the survey assesses multiple aspects of The Lighthouse programs, the focus for this return was placed on two key areas. The first area of focus is would the guardians recommend the Lighthouse to others it was reported by the Behavioral Health and Traumatic Brain Injury groups at 100%.

The last area that was assessed is the area of psychological and behavioral programming the stakeholders in this area were asked to rate this area Traumatic Brain Injury 100% and 85% of the Behavioral Health of the respondents believe these services were highly effective. The Spinal Cord Injury respondents didn’t return surveys so ratings are unavailable for this group.



Customer Satisfaction Results for Outpatients for 2023

The Lighthouse received 25 returned Satisfaction Surveys for Outpatients who had been discharged from the program during 2023. Specific data reviewed included client responses to questions regarding the therapist's explanation of treatment programs if the therapy made the client better, and if the client would recommend the Lighthouse to others in need of rehab services.

Regarding the question of how you would rate your therapists in explaining your treatment program in a way you could understand, 100% of discharged outpatients marked the most favorable responses.

When asked if the therapy treatment that was provided improved the individual, 96% of the respondents gave a favorable answer.

100% of the individuals who submitted surveys indicated they would be very likely to recommend the Lighthouse to others in need of rehabilitation services


Additional comments included in the survey results were as follows:






“I was happy with the services I received at Lighthouse, I arrived there in a wheelchair and after 4 weeks of therapy I walked out without any assistance the therapists were very helpful and professional, would have no problem recommending the Lighthouse for any outpatient therapy.”

“The Lighthouse employees are very knowledgeable and helpful to the patients. To me, it was very noticeable how the patient improved after a week."


“We Love the Lighthouse, they have helped us out when we needed them.”


“The Lighthouse staff is amazing and NEVER could imagine being anywhere else. EVERYONE is so helpful, and I am so appreciative!!! It is quite a team the Lighthouse has.”

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