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Comprehensive Concussion Program

The Lighthouse Neurological Rehabilitation Center is proud to provide our community and surrounding areas with the most recent evidence based baseline testing, concussion and post-concussion treatment. 

What is a Concussion?

What does the Lighthouse Comprehensive Concussion Program Cover?

  • Multimodal baseline testing for student athletes 

  • Thorough evaluation shortly following a concussion (caused by a fall or blow to the body; E.g. work, sports, or auto related) 

  • Individualized treatment following a concussion and for post-concussion syndrome

  • Co-management with physician regarding clients treatment and return to learn, play, work, as needed

  • Interdisciplinary therapy/co-treatment

    • Vestibular Therapy ​

    • Physical Therapy 

    • Occupational Therapy

    • Speech-Language Pathologist

    • Vision Therapy


Concussion Symptoms 

  • Headaches/pressure in the head 

  • Neck pain 

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Balance issues/dizziness

  • Light sensitivity 

  • Visual disturbances 

  • Reading difficulties 

  • Memory issues

  • Noise sensitivity 

  • Drowsiness/low energy 

  • Confusion 

  • Nervousness/anxiety 

Research has shown early intervention following a concussion can significantly reduce the long-term impacts and allow the patient to return to work, school or play safely.


Post-Concussion Syndrome Rehabilitation

What is Post-Concussion Syndrome











Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Team:

Some patients will need interdisciplinary care to help manage their post-concussion rehabilitation, this can also be the case for concussions as well. Post-concussion rehabilitation can require the integration of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathologist to provide services for the constellation of symptoms that may present, eg., physical, cognitive and/or emotional. Patients who experience persistent symptoms as well as those at risk of a delayed recovery, may benefit from a referral to the Lighthouse Rehabilitation Center that has has specialized in brain injury since 1987. Patients need access to timely coordinated interdisciplinary care that includes the primary care provider and/or other specialists.  

Referral script from any primary care provider or specialist can be requested to see our concussion or post-concussion rehabilitation treatment team:

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