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Residential Services 


Residential Program


The Lighthouse provides, 24 hour supervised living on campus, with a highly structured environment. Residents enjoy their own rooms and have access to shared kitchen, dining and living rooms. The residential homes are a short walk away from the therapy center, giving residents easy access to all therapy services. Residents participate in scheduled therapies and wellness activities throughout the week and many activities on the weekends. In addition, residents have the opportunity to attend our campus workshop  for crafts, games and socialization. Frequent group outings and/or recreational activities are  scheduled within the community and surrounding communities, for all to enjoy. If able, residents may participate in the Lighthouse onsite and off campus work program (Enclave) or in community volunteer opportunities.

Semi-Independent Program (Responsible Living)


The Lighthouse has a transitional living program which allows each resident to move from the structured and supervised residential living environment to a supported independent Lighthouse owned home or apartment within the local community. In the off-campus, semi-independent setting, the resident will have limited supervision and assume more individual responsibilities. The residents  are deemed appropriate by treatment team to live in this setting when they demonstrate their abilities to function in a less restricted environment successfully. Clients are commonly involved  in community-based leisure, vocation, or volunteer opportunities. After moving to the off-campus apartment or home, if the client still requires therapies, the client may receive therapies at the Lighthouse Therapy Center on campus or transition therapies to community gyms such as the YMCA, apartment clubhouse workout room or local gym, as needed.


Respite Program  

The Lighthouse offers respite care to provide short-term relief for primary caregivers. It can be arranged for just an afternoon or for several days or weeks. Respite care can be planned or provided for an in case of an emergency admission, for a short-term period.



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Beautiful furniture and decorations in Independent Living Apartments
Common Area in Independent Living Apartments
Beautiful furniture and decorations in Independent Living Apartments
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