Admission Criteria

Admission to the residential program is contingent on the client’s appropriateness for treatment.

1. Persons Appropriate for Treatment:

  • 18 years older for adult program. 17 years or younger for pediatric program.

  • In need of residential treatment with possibility of functional gains

  • Medically stable or with medical issues that can be managed in the residences as determined by the Registered Nurse.

  • Able to participate in the program or tolerate the intensive rehabilitation process

  • Approval by administration/finance department

  • History of traumatic brain injury (accident, surgical, circulatory), orthopedic injury or impairment, neurological impairment, or be in need of other rehabilitation services. Additional neuro-behavioral issues which may be included in residential assessment include cognitive impairment, and behavioral difficulties associated with TBI or other neurological disorder.

  • Primary focus of treatment is for physical medicine, rehabilitation and/or behavioral management?

  • Individuals with a support system involved who can assist in a realistic transition plan.

  • Individuals who are willing to abide by the rules of the program including on and off campus privileges.

  • The individual will be an appropriate personality match for the residential unit, which has an available bed. Attributes to be considered include but are not limited to: propensity for disruptive behavior, acuity of medical needs intensity of therapy services and need for coma stimulation programming as assessed by the Clinical Director or their designee.

  • The individual does not require continual nursing care, isolation or medical restraint

  •  Individual who has suffered a spinal cord injury with a specified cause of the dysfunction. The Lighthouse will admit people with all   levels of spinal cord injury, and all levels of completeness of spinal cord dysfunction. Individual who has a spinal cord injury with a co-   existing condition such as a traumatic brain injury. (See Admission Criteria SCI.)


2. Prospective clients are encouraged to tour The Lighthouse Inc. facilities prior to admission to the program.


3. Prospective clients must show the financial resources and ability to meet the charges either by private pay, insurance or other means.


4. The Clinical Director will annually review the admission criteria for continued appropriateness.


5. The Clinical Director will revise the admission criteria as needed and in accordance with the mission and the philosophy of The

    Lighthouse Inc, program.

6. The admission criteria will be documented for public disclosure.