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We will help you or your loved one every step of the way 

We understand that after a traumatic injury, illness or diagnosis the next steps can be confusing, scary and experienced help is needed. We are here to assist each step that we can, once we are contacted. 


How can we help?

  • Answer questions you may have

  • Provide detailed information about our services and programs

  • Assist with the referral process and admission (if admission is applicable) 

  • Help with other resources, if unable to admit 

  • Coordinate medications and medical equipment

  • Verifying insurance benefits 

  • Communication with family members, rehabilitation treating team, physicians, specialists, those involved in your recovery process

Through kindness and patience, we guide our clients through the progressive rehabilitation process to help them achieve a more independent level of living. Our professional team of rehabilitation specialists provide phenomenal care, first-rate safety and training, essential multidisciplinary therapies, support, and welcomes each client during their recovery to the Lighthouse family. 

Contact will be made within 24 hours.
"Making Sure The Life They're Living Is A Life Worth Living" 

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