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Educational Goals



The Lighthouse Inc. believes that providing an education is important for our residential pediatrics and adults. We also encourage and have options available for our outpatient and day program clients to pursue their education, rather that be finishing high school, earning their GED or attending college. 

Our professional staff will do an assessment and depending on the age of the individual they will either help them with the enrollment process in attending Caro Public Schools, Highland Pines School, Grand Traverse Public School or the on-campus Lighthouse School. Generally for adults, during a therapy session (social work, occupational therapy, or vocational program to name a few) assistance can be given to help he or she enroll in the Caro Technology Center, Baker College, Saginaw Valley State University and many more options. 

The Lighthouse on-campus school is structured, follows a curriculum and partners with the Tuscola ISD. This allows for the students to graduate or when the students treatment team feels he or she is ready they can integrate successfully into the Caro Public Schools and graduate there.

Two students were able to transition to the public school system from the on-campus school during the 2017 academic year. 

Transportation is provided or arrangement is made for the student to be picked up. 


*On-campus school is at the Caro location only

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