The Chaplaincy at Lighthouse Neurological Rehabilitation Center

As capable, competent and compassionate all the gifted and talented professionals are in their various disciplines both at Caro and Kingsley facilities, there is also an awareness in the course of recovery from any major injury that is not only the physical needs (as obvious as that may be), but there are also mental, social and emotional needs.  We at Lighthouse have a concern that a vital part of that recovery can be found in a ministry to the soul.  We call it “spiritual therapy”, and that often neglected need is met with our non-denominational Chaplains’ personal connect with our client family.  Many of our clients are living a good distance from home, making visits from their own Pastors difficult and rare; and then there are those who are unaware of that spiritual void in their life, yet often find comfort in a new found friend who cares for them and will listen to their hurts and will pray with them and for them and their families who are often heavy on their minds.  This “Spiritual Therapy” can play a vital role in the recovery of our clients.

We greatly value addressing every need of our client family, while not neglecting the value of addressing the spiritual needs of each one.  That’s the joy of the Chaplain services—sharing light in an often dark time with weekly house visits, monthly house Bible Studies, occasional corporate fellowships, as well as hospital visits and one-on-ones as needed.  All these aid in the bonding of chaplains to the clients. 

Whereas the Covid-19 virus has affected much of this, we trust that we will soon return to some measure of normalcy, Lord willing.


Colossians 1:9