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Spiritual Guidance by the Lighthouse Chaplain 

What is the role of a chaplain? 

The primary role of the chaplain is to be involved with others in the provision of holistic care.

'Holistic care' is concerned with the whole person and includes not only a person’s physical health but also their social, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. Chaplains are pastoral practitioners who seek to build a relationship of trust through compassionate presence and thereby offer help and support to a wide range of people. An example of such support could be to focus on the emotional or spiritual adjustment to a life changing accident, illness, disease or on the search for meaning and purpose through difficult times. 

Chaplains work collectively and collaboratively alongside our multidisciplinary rehabilitation treatment team to provide psycho-social-spiritual services for residents and their families. Chaplains receive referrals from our staff and contribute to residents' overall care through frequent involvement. The chaplain's specialty is to possess a particular understanding of the relation between faith, disability or illness, and the emotional and mental conflicts that might arise. A chaplain seeks to motivate and initiate meaningful use of each individual's beliefs and attitudes in the management of their difficulties.


The chaplain's role is supportive, serving as a counsellor and guide to the psycho-spiritual needs of the residents, family members, and staff. The chaplain's ministry to the residents is a prime responsibility but often, chaplains will also come into contact with the resident's family and be able to respond to their needs as required. Involvement with Lighthouse staff forms another major area of pastoral responsibility for the chaplaincy team. They are available for staff support as well. 


Sharing Light and Hope with Prayer and Companionship

  • Weekly House Visits 

  • Monthly Bible Studies 

  • Bi-weekly Corporate Fellowship

  • Monthly Gospel Night

  • Hospital Visits

  • One-on-One Visits (when needed)

  • Hospice Nurturing/Spiritual Needs 

  • Spiritual Outings or Events


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