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The Lighthouse Rehabilitation Center

"Making Sure the Life They're Living is a Life Worth Living."

Rehabilitation Makes a Difference, Don't wait, Send Us Your Referral Today!

Providing phenomenal residential care to brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI) and behavioral health patients in a home like environment since 1987.

Offering outpatient rehabilitation services for several types of injuries, illnesses and disabilities. Our treating team is exceptional in rehabilitation and recovery, ask your doctor for a referral! 

The Lighthouse - Ben Zork

Lighthouse Mission Statement:


Lighthouse provides phenomenal care, treating every resident and client as we wanted our son to be treated. -Dorothea Wilson


The Lighthouse Neurological Rehabilitation Center was founded in 1987 by Jim and Dorothea Wilson when they set out on a mission to establish a facility that would provide an extraordinary level of care after their son, Jamie, was in an auto accident and they were unable to find a facility that provided the level of care they wanted for him.  







Inpatient Services 

Outpatient Services

Respite Care

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Recreational Therapy

Music Therapy

Social Work Services

Psychological Services

Massage Therapy 

Vocational Service

Behavioral Health

Respiratory Therapy 



and much more!

To learn more Click HERE!

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Ergometer (arms and/or legs)

Aquatic Therapy

Adaptive Sports (cycling, kayaking, skiing, and more!)

Hippotherapy/Horse Assisted Riding

Return to Hunting

Vision Rehab

Wellness Activities



Musculoskeletal/Orthopedic Injuries (Back & neck pain, extremity pain, sprains, post-surgical) 

Phenomenal Care & Diagnoses 

  • ​24/7 phenomenal residential  care 

  • Professional multidisciplinary rehabilitation team

  • 24 hour nursing care available

  • Ongoing training for all staff

  • Onsite appointments with Primary Care Physicians (PCP), Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians (PM&R) 

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 

  • Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

  • Stroke

  • Other Neurological Disorders (Parkinson's Disease, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Tumors)


Areas We 

Serve/ Accepted Insurance


Our Caro facilities are located in the Thumb of Michigan, just a short drive from Bay City, Saginaw, Midland and Flint.  

Our Traverse City facilities are located just outside of the beautiful Traverse City area.

We serve the whole state of Michigan!

To view a map, click here.

Accepted Insurance:

  • Auto Insurance (residential & outpatient)

  • Workers Compensation (residential & outpatient)

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (outpatient)

  • Med + Blue (outpatient)

  • Blue Care Network (outpatient)

  • Hap (outpatient)

  • Medicare (outpatient)

  • MDHS-BIS (previously known as MOU Program) (residential)

  • Other insurances may be accepted, please contact for referral 


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FES Cycling for spinal cord injuries

Our therapeutic treatment programs are designed to maximize each client's functioning ability as well as assist clients in gaining insight, enhancing self-esteem, developing coping skills, and improving relationships. The setting in which the program is implemented promotes independence, self-respect, and positive peer relationships in a supportive, caring environment. 

Join the Lighthouse Family 

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Proud to be Employee Owned


Employee Stock Ownership Plan Est. 2019

"The people I worked with and the care they gave me was top notch. I have become more me!" ~Jan B. 

"I like the bike (FES), that has helped me a lot. I also feel like the muscle stimulation really works, and I can see so much improvement every time we use it." ~Tim A. 

"The crippled old man that was all hunched over when I came there is gone. And I am not going to let that come back. Thanks again for my life back!" ~Bill B. 

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