Vocational Goals

For 2011, community employment positions for residents were reviewed. The target for community employment was for ten residents to be hired outside of the enclave programs. The Lighthouse, Inc. was able to place thirteen residents in community jobs.

The following local businesses provided employment to Lighthouse residents: McDonalds, Small Wonders Daycare, Cass River Trader, American Legion Hall, Mowing for businesses/residential, Shoppers Advantage Newspaper, Babysitting, SRS and VGs. This is an increase of 4 employers from 2010. In addition to the competitive community employment program, The Lighthouse facilitated supportive employment utilizing a janitorial service, car wash, horse barn stable hands and lawn care crew enclaves.

Forty-three adult and pediatric residents participated in this program. This is consistent with 2010. The car wash program also included individuals who attend the Day Treatment Program. Some residents worked in both the Competitive Employment program and the Supportive Employment program at The Lighthouse during the year.